Powder Blending

Marlin Company, Inc. has powder blend vessels with capabilities ranging from 20 cubic foot to 100 cubic foot.  Our powder processing equipment is constructed of stainless steel and includes ribbon blenders, sieves of various sizes, and grinders. We also can produce powder blends that may require heating or cooling. Our powder production area is adept in processing many different types of materials.

Marlin Company, Inc. has the flexibility to package powder products into a variety of containers from Kraft bags, drums or Super Sacks.

powder blending

Examples of powder chemicals Marlin blends: 

After Clears Alkalis and Buffers Chelates and Dyebaths
Cleaners Commodity Chemicals Enzymes
Laundry Detergens Metallurgy Opticals

We can perform many standard QC tests on each of our powder products, including pH, assays, density analysis, and more. Some of the equipment we use for powder analysis includes:

  • Light Microscopy
  • Mel-Temp
  • Moisture Balance

The Marlin Company can meet your quality expectations for all of your powder processing needs.