Liquid Blending

Marlin offers a wide range of liquid blending capabilities, including both high and low viscosity blending. We are equipped to make emulsions, dispersions as well as simple blended products. All of our vessels are constructed of stainless steel. We can process heated blends as well as blends that may require cooling.  Overall capacities range from 5 gallons to 5500 gallons. We package our liquids in 4 x 1 gallons up to full bulk container loads. We also have bulk storage capacities.


Examples of liquid chemicals Marlin blends:

After Clears Antimicrobials Alkalis and Buffers
Antistats Car Care Products Carriers
Chelates and Dyebaths Cleaners Commodity Chemicals
Defoamers Enzymes Fixes
Laundry Detergents Levelers Metallurgy
Opticals Scours and Wetters Softeners
Surfactants Textile Finishes

 marlin-plant warehouse

Our liquid blending services are backed by an array of analytical capabilities. We perform standard QC procedures including pH testing, viscosity, moisture analysis, solvent extraction, assays, and more.  Additionally, we utilize the following equipment:

  • ICP-MS
  • FTIR
  • HPLC

Furthermore, our staff can provide you with the expertise to assist with custom formulation and blending.